Fix Our Planet!

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What I Support:

Trump for President.

Trump’s Wall as a defensive preventative measure to protect America and American lives

from potential threats to national security and national economic wellness.

Construction of this wall should respect the environment and natural resources which thrive in America, and the engineering and architectural challenges associated with the construction of it must implement scientific advice from the brightest minds in the scientific community to ensure no damage to the already established eco-system.

What I Believe In:

Education that focuses on development of the individual mind and optimum utilization of individual gifts for the benefit of the collective whole.

Education that is non-traditional, non-mainstream, and non-conformist.

Training the youth of our nation to be their brightest from the youngest age possible.

Prodigies, geniuses, and highly gifted persons should be given priority

over the handicapped, disabled, or non-gifted.

Political correctness with regards to education must be abolished.

The inferior should not be given higher educational advancement opportunities

than the superior.

Education that focuses on global ways of contribution by the most gifted youths.

Meaningless schoolwork that is wasteful, redundant and repetitive

must be eliminated from all curriculums.

Knowledge should be the foundation of instruction, in opposition to developing mindsets that will eventually churn out obedient droids/employees.

Financial education for the youth that will educate each on how to have an entrepreneural mindset geared towards global impact.

Potential parents must all be required by law to pass a series of tests that determine

psychological, financial, moral, mental, and physical competence.

Licenses should be given for the privilege of being able to be a parent, and licenses should only be given to those who meet the standards of responsibility required.

This will drastically lower overpopulation, prevent crime,

hooliganism, theft, and youth degeneracy. It will also create a structure in place for all American lives that centers its primary values on family, stemming outwards to local community, and the world.

The family should be a central pivotal point of American life, and a familial, rather than authoritarian approach, should be implemented in legislation.

Bring back genuine care for citizens.

Advancement should become the main agenda for any legislative rule.

Opportunities easily accessible, marketed, open, and known of, for all American citizens,

but not easy to gain entry into.

Selection based on competence of skill mastery in direct cohesion with spiritual awareness.

This synthesis will prevent all potential problems in organizations, communities, schools, and cross-country relationships.

Good people should prevail. Bad people should be ammended, or eliminated.

Moral standards must be made clear, and followed through with political action by those with power and influence to do so.

The Church must have an active role in government decisions.

The separation between church and state must cease, to maintain unity amongst the nation.

All taxation must be available for public record,

and only invested in gains for the collective whole. What that whole is must be determined not by congress, but by leadership primarily, and then public consensus of the select few.

Elite must become the new way of doing things.

Individuals must be frequently given census tests to determine intelligence rankings, and society must be then based in hierarchy in accordance to innate abilities of those that are superior.

Political correctness must become an idea of the past.

Equality in opportunity, not in judgment of discernment.

Neither race or appearance should not be a judgment in any proximity.

Competence of able production in any healthy citizen must become a primary value that national governance seeks to embed into the mindsets of all its citizens.

The government must coagulate with individual desires to form a nation where the liberated individual is valued as a greater benefit to the nation than an obedient employee.

Capitalistic culture must synthesize with spiritual culture to create a financial model that benefits the whole.

Creativity should be encouraged in direct opposition to allegiance.

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Progress in all fields by the highest performing members of each respective field must be the primary aim of a global government.

Companies that exceed a particular threshold of income must be held at a cap for what actions they are capable of doing if those actions are a threat to natural resources.

E.g, prevention of the next Enron.

Companies that debilitate the health of citizens

should be eliminated through national education for the populace.

E.g, McDonalds, Pepsi, Tobacco,

and other brands/products that have a proven track record of damage which is shown measured through the scientific method via statistics of health problems/risks and diseases associated by consumption of unnatural ingredients and modified (false) food.

Marketing and advertisements should reflect the values of a Christian society.

Paganism, idolatry, and false worship should become eliminated and replaced with Jesus Christ as the only and sole head of doctrines in establishing a better nation and more civilized, peaceful world. Leaders that have positions of influence should not be allowed to falsely declare themselves as being of higher authority than God or Jesus Christ.

The pornography industry must become entirely abolished.

Technology, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence should abide

by the values of a Christian society.

Hackers, programmers, and influencers from the private and public underground must continue to be allowed to do what is necessary for the betterment of the whole,

rather than being seen as the enemy.

Education for the youth should be geared towards building CEO’s and leaders,

rather than droids and robots incapable of individual thought and progress.

Morality must become Law. Biblical doctrine must become embedded into American life in addition to legislation that helps American citizens lead fulfilling, healthy, happy, liberated lives.

The ill and unhealthy should not be the primary aim of national funding.

The ill and unhealthy must have separate, privatized campaigns,

that do not defer away from collective finances for the betterment of the nation.

Education must be the primary foundation of society,

and knowledge must be the pillar of what power is based upon.

Society cannot be run by idiots, and idiots cannot continue to be in positions of mass influence.

Idiocy that is found in citizens must be dealt with

harshly, without apology.

Implementation should not be punishment that is without future gains, but rather improvement programs that help citizens to lead more prosperous lives utilizing their highest levels of intelligence.

Jails should all implement such programs, with literary and cultural awareness being embedded into control. Crimes that are interracial should be dealt with through education.

Society must become a conscious society in which those in power create platforms for those not in power to rise up to power. The glass ceiling must become abolished.

There should be no limits to growth of the collective people if they demonstrate competence.

The major industries that determine the collective consciousness of the populace,

primarily: Music, Hollywood, Bollywood, and The Military,

must be under direct legislation by the government with regards to direction.

Actions that destabilize the collective whole should not be allowed irregardless of wealth,

in any level of socio-economic strata.

Artists must be encouraged to develop higher codes of moral consciousness and abide by those codes as a responsibility and respect to the citizens that rely on their counsel in leading their own lives.

Artists in any approximation of artistry

must be encouraged to act responsibly in what they create.

Violent, Anti-Christian, hateful messages, in any art form, should not be encouraged,

or should be encouraged to be modified,

for the collective greater gain of the collective world community.

Peace must be the primary method of practice for governing any country.

Peace is the revolutionary idea that must transcend from radical anarchy into objectionable legislation through a capitalistic module based on pragmatic betterment for all people.

Gun ownership and weapon ownership should be encouraged.

Female defense training should become available everywhere for all women of all ages.

Self-defense for all citizens should be mandatory in all schools from an early age.

Preventative measures and protection as the highest form of prevention should be understood amongst all legislative bodies as the only real method of practical peace.

Spiritual doctrines that do not realistically better the lives of citizens should be outlined for their blasphemous idealogies. Muslim and jihadist terrorists must be prevented from being any influence upon collective society.

Christianity must become a permanent staple in American life that is embedded in legislation far beyond the superficial recitation of inaccurate quotes by hypocritical catholic, pagan, and mormon churches that do not practice the word of God.

Female empowerment from rape, domestic violence, and abuse, should be a primary agenda for any leaders in power. Education, training, and resources for battered women should be available to all in the form of re-habilitative programs.

The police force needs to drastically modify its agendas and priorities.

The police force must protect its citizens, in opposition to what they’ve been doing all too often;

battering and abusing citizens.

The standards of conduct for police officers should be inspected by auditors who are fluent in the practice of correct ethics.

Nutrition and health in schools must be a primary concern. School cafeteria’s must be banned from providing unnatural or chemically dangerous food to young bodies.

Nutritional standards must become so strict that obesity

becomes entirely eliminated as a problem.

Basic healthcare should be available to every citizen free of charge.

Privatized healthcare and privatized insurance programs should be encouraged.

Mass over-consumption must become controlled by control inputted into global and private companies by the government that creates caps on how much production is allowed.

Protection of natural resources, the environment, must become the first priority over any progressive capital gains.

Natural resources must only be utilized to sustain healthy lives for American citizens and ensure longevity for the future. Necessity must become a new business ruling.

Farmers must be given more opportunities to utilize their agriculture knowledge in collective collaboration with scientists to create solar-powered, nature-based systems that provide healthier and happier lives for all Americans.

Environmentalists and scientists must collaborate peacefully together with politicians and leaders to effectively manage natural resources for the future of our planet.

What I Don’t Support:

Minions and the minion mentality.

Slaves and owners.

Slavery in any format.

The Hive mind.

Conformity, obedience.

Vengeance, revenge, war, destruction.


Power for personal gain at the cost of other lives.


Na’vi World

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Work. Personal. Personal Work. Is it possible? Yes.

Work Personal.

Business. Pleasure. Business or Pleasure? Pleasure over business? Business over pleasure?

Make business your pleasure.

Let’s break it apart, chop it up, mix it in a blender, strip it to its essentials, and re-define the roots. Work. It means, comparatively and for the mass majority, any function which services the mass global needs and negates the needs of the individual. It means subjecting the individual’s specific inclinations to the whimsy of the populace. Whimsy that changes so frequently that tasteful standards and grand preferences are often not the goals of societal progress. What drives societal progress? Money. Why do people need money? To personalize their lives. To buy trinkets for their homes, lifestyles that express their innermost selves, property which incorporates their aesthetics into pragmatic reality, and interjects their often passed over ‘ I ‘ , into a popularized version of their ‘ I ‘, so they can salvage some sense of dignity in a world of ‘we’ .

Fuck money. I’m serious. Fuck it.

If you were as hedonistic about money as you are about your various vices, you’d enjoy it.

If you thought of money as a personal idea, you wouldn’t be catering your individuality to achieve more of it. You don’t buy your mother mass produced items and sign your greeting card with, “ thanks for your business, best regards, client x . “ You find the most brilliant, most personal, most beautiful method of expressing how you feel about her and appreciate all she’s done for you, in the most perfect item which can provide for her needs and simultaneously show your sentiment.

And ultimately, you know that buying crap for people doesn’t prove your emotions, it’s just a gesture.

You do that gesture for your friends. You do that gesture for your family.

Gesture. As in, just a minuscule portion of the real story of what you do.

Why don’t you do, what you already do, for the entire world?

It’s been long enough that humanity is stuck in its bubble mentality of ‘me and mine’ with regards to every decision. Local. National. Universe. That should be the operational frame of how all is done, but usually, the best and brightest stop at the local level. Local, referencing a state of mind and state of consciousness. Not in reference to statistics of success, recognition, or societal acknowledgement. For every admirer or appreciator of finely crafted achievement,

several thousands of achievements are lost. Why?

Because to get ahead in this world, the concept of ‘work’ has become thwarted into slavery, and a spiritual commanding order against others to gain their approval. Domination, rather than understanding, power, rather than kindness. As a result of these inward motives operating the majority of all industries and their leaders, very few rise above the muck to become fully actualized individuals; ergo the presence of pop celebrity culture. The few who rise are respected by the rest, but the rest are stuck.

Those rest that have been employed by the same employer for 60 years because they’ve become so accustomed to being “employees”. Those rest that have ideas, that have spirit, that have creativity, that have sparks, that have greatness in them, but live in a world where that greatness is not only not encouraged, it’s actually discouraged. For those rest to survive, they have to forget who they really are, bow down to their overlords, do what they’re told, and then die. They aren’t equipped with enough hatred to change the system because they’re flaccid and comfortable. They aren’t equipped with enough motivation or anger to destroy their overlords because they don’t think they deserve any better. They’ve become convinced, through a series of carefully marketed ad campaigns over the last 100+ years that have turned Ameri-Cans into Ameri-Cants. They’re hopelessly dependent on a system that does nothing for them whatsoever, and, yes, they actually fight to protect it. They don’t fight to protect themselves, because they have no idea who they are.

Obedient soldiers that follow orders. That’s the rest. The rest that comprise the majority of the planet.

Let’s focus on the rest. The rest matter. Without the rest, the few have no future. If the rest become aware of their own capacity for greatness, the few typically become threatened. Doesn’t need to be that way, it can all be better.

Life isn’t fair. That doesn’t indicate that it can’t change. It can.

Cliche’ infomercial once again, but do starving orphans in Nigeria really need a $5000 watch? Do the finest designers on the planet really need to be slaving their finely honed skills to give rich brats the most luxurious items of pleasure? What about the pleasure of those who labor for the benefit of the few? That includes everyone from the corporate sector to the unions. Those behind-the-scenes, those who notice details, those who respect individuals and thus create out of that desire to bring forth the expression out of all those who do not create.

Our systems are too business oriented. Our clients are bored. Our artists are being squashed by the giant thumb of ‘The Man’.

Society, business, has all become a mass production project of efficiency.

Well, efficiency’s not working. True efficiency is when all people of the world are operating on their highest levels of ability. It isn’t a few select individuals profiting off of the torture of the most.

If the way things are was so ideal, we wouldn’t have crime due to societal inequality and people that are mostly subdued, depressed, caged, and overworked. All of that angst is bound to surface somewhere, and it surfaces in all of the horrendous events we’re seeing these days.

When people are not allowed to be personal, they will do horrible things to achieve this primal aim. That is, the basis of human life. That which is personal.

In a society of robots where very few are ever personal, the masses are becoming wretched.

Evil lurks everywhere you go. It’s in the eyes of those janitors who have 5 kids and are raising their families from the scraps that you throw in their trashcans. It’s in the motions of the baristas who’ll soon subject themselves to 40 years of corporate hell so they too, can retire at 78, and then do what they really want to do. Evil is everywhere.

Evil is that which violates another human being,

because its energetic output is incapable of fulfilling itself.

Power is a luxury and commonality of the elites, it’s not a thing that the rest know how to access. They don’t have any power, and so, are thinking filthy little thoughts about others and that energetic frequency vibrates across the universe. The next time you order a mojito, the next time you take a taxi to the airport, take a good look at the people that are servicing you. They’re the rest. They are the futureless, the tired, the trodden, the weary. They’ve lived lives of so much grief and slavery that they have the ammunition within them to shoot you at will. They won’t, because they need your money. And that’s all that’s stopping them.

Horrific when you really think about it.

People that have been pushed against a wall so harshly that they’ve forgotten how to be humans. To be human is to feel, to dream, to imagine, to thrive, to laugh, to cry, to live.

We have a world of rests and very few humans.

That needs to change. Fast. Or World War 3 will be an actuality.

The few of the rests that are more ambitious have figured out clever ways to surpass the system in a foolish manner. The drug-dealers, robbers, criminals, vagrants. They don’t have anything stopping them from human consciousness or morality. They’re not corporate sociopaths so they don’t have any image to maintain. Their friends are their own equally impoverished gangsters, and they lurk in street alleys without any remorse or fear. They will absolutely shoot you in the head for a gucci handbag if it feeds their family of 10, and they won’t regret it. They’ll sleep peacefully at night.

Who’s fault is that? Theirs? Yours? Ours?


Our society encourages criminals to exist. What opportunities does an uneducated hispanic teen have in this country? None. It’s easy to peer over at statistics and spout drivel about how opportunity comes to those who bust their asses for it, blah, blah, yada, yada. That teen has probably worked 6 jobs by the time he’s turned 14. He’s angry. He’s furious. He’ll shoot you.

Cops will put him in prison. He’ll get out. He’ll get smarter. He’ll rob banks.

His only way out of the system that imprisons him, is to become a corrupted individual. An individual nonetheless, but an individual on the wrong side.

The majority of those that are the rest, are criminals in disguise. They’re not creators. They’re not creators because our society doesn’t offer any opportunities for them to create.

You have to come from a family of privilege to even think in such a way. You have to have the education, the mindset, the exposure to travel and the high life, to even imagine that you could have more or be more. The advantages that the few take for granted, end up causing the majority of the strife of the rest of the world.

Justice isn’t given to the rest, and truthfully, nobody gives a shit about the rest.

The politicians rely on their approval, the celebrities rely on their fandom, the government relies on their taxes, their own families don’t give a shit within their familial structures because they’re slaves raising slaves.

All people on this planet desire personalization and personal attention.

Creators and corporate strategists capitalize on that need, by creating.

Companies, art, whatever. The rest don’t do that because they don’t think they can.

They’ve actually been told that they shouldn’t.

They’ve been told that if they’re obedient slaves they’ll receive their money, which they can then use to continue their wretched lives.

When instead, the rest, could be great, could be be greater, could be greatest. Even greater than the top creators because they understand how the majority really thinks,

as they have the experience to know.

They’re scared and they’re passive. And they’ll all likely rot. Their acceptance is their death.

But if we can bring awareness to this slavery epidemic that has been occurring on this planet, perhaps catalysts of change will pop up all over the place.

Mass production society is geared towards monetary gain, at the loss of the uniquely precious gifts each Individual is capable of producing/creating.

Perhaps we can save human lives.

We need to build a society based on encouraging the blossoming of The Individual, and for the Individual’s needs to be met.

No genericism.

No cliche’.

No copy.

No mass repetitiveness.

Unique Women. Unique Men. Unique Children. Unique Planet.

Nature harnessing needs, needs of all being fully embraced.

Unleashing of The Avatar. Na’vi Nation.

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Why Cliche’s Must Be Murdered

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Make a mental list of all of the most influential people who’ve ever lived.

I guarantee that every individual on your list did not cater to stereotypes, and most likely, destroyed the majority of all associated cliche’s in their respective disciplines.

What is a cliche’? An entire population of citizens can be a cliche’. When ideology that is ineffective, stupid, and without meaning, is embodied and propagated as fact when it is anything but, we have a society of robotic idiots. We’re living in “Cliche’-ville”.

It’s not that difficult to succumb to the pressures of becoming a droid person. Read the same books everyone else reads, go to all the same restaurants and clubs, spout the same over-used mantras, and never think for yourself. Congratulations, you’ve just become another blip. There are billions of blips, and very few who ever result in something beyond a mere blip.

I’m not just referring to titans of industry, the visionaries of technology, or the brightest stars in the arts. I’m addressing the problem at its root. Most human beings have become so horrifically complacent to dictations that talking to some people is as if talking with monotonous autobots. No individuality, no honesty, no real opinions, no actual truths. Just gibberish that’s regurgitated in a watered-down version of its initial version, and has long since been surpassed by newer and better ideologies from faster and sharper minds.

Stereotypes exist everywhere, and it’s deeply saddening, and quite terrible, just how accepted they’ve become. People really do defend ideas that are ridiculous, and become personifications of a collection of concepts that are baseless and unoriginal. Koreans who try to be white by singing k-pop and dressing like a real original; Elton John. Barf. Gagging reflex activated; swallowing my own vomit. False pseudo-copy-cats that don’t even know themselves enough to represent their own cultures get no love from me. Jihadists that spout phrases from the Quran which they pick-and-choose to give credence to their own thwarted practices. Look, idiots, genocide isn’t that new of an idea. It’s been done throughout history with no terrific progress. If you think that killing infidels is going to result in a better Aryan race, your groups clearly need to study history because Hitler didn’t achieve that either. Get a better plan with your brains. There’s another route to a planet of citizens that is God-fearing and God-respecting. Girls that borrow the successes of women to further their own successes. Also a form of copying that is particularly foul and despicable. Courting rituals that result from either one of two tactics: insult a woman to convince her she’s inferior so that she falsely thinks she needs you, or over-exaggerate romance that you aren’t actually capable of giving personally so that she feels you’re superior above all others and inflates your confidence in the process. Ego-mating, I call it. Employees that follow orders as if they have no other choices in life other than to shut up and obey. Bosses that are inconsiderate and mean just because they’re in a position of power. Political figures that rely on public popularity over gathering accurate information and facts in their platforms. Icons that depend on their followers to uphold their statuses because they’re scared of anyone new taking their place, and their way of ensuring the inequality gap is by purporting themselves to be higher than their followers. Followers who in turn, dumb themselves down as a response to insult. There is a misbalance in human currency on this planet. Humans don’t see each other anymore. What they see are lists. Any human being is now just a list. A list of assets, a list of characteristics, a list of haves. So a diva or a C.E.O can go into any restaurant, spit on a waiter, and it’s acceptable as “the way things are”. That waiter will keep his job by regressing his own integrity through submitting to social abuse, that asshole will pay the bill and leave with a smile, and life will continue exactly as this in every industry, in every country.

Hold on though, is that really an optimum manner of function? Do we need more waiters, or more C.E.O’s? Do we need either? I think what we really need, pragmatically, is clean air to breathe, fresh water that hasn’t been contaminated to drink, natural resources that will last for the next many generations, and a planet that has a chance of thriving. Those should be top realistic focuses of any form of pure capitalism. Because we won’t have any C.E.O’s or ant-people if they’re all dead from a blown-up planet resulting out of WW3 or an ozone layer that is so fried we’re burnt to a crisp by our own sun.

Why are people so stupid? Why are they all so focused on the wrong aims? Does anyone really look around anymore? Our planet is fucked! Our people are miserable! Our economy is falling apart! Our leaders are uninformed! Our religions are hypocrisies! Our atheists are hopeless! Our intellectuals are emotionless! Our empaths don’t read! Our psychics are money-driven! Our farmers are old-fashioned!

An entire society that is so brainwashed on being gears and wheels in a machine that doesn’t even operate efficiently the majority of the time, and supports the machine when it’s falling apart in every level of its infrastructure. Why are you all wasting your energies fighting for causes that are already failing, rather than investing your energies into new solutions, new paradigms, and new ideas for new societies that won’t have any of the problems of the past? Collaboration only has importance if the agenda is universal. How about eradicating all crime, eradicating all socio-economic class differences, eliminating all worker-bees and replacing them with independently functioning individuals, and living on a planet where nature is a friend rather than the enemy of the construction crew? Seriously, everybody, can’t you all do way better?

No great minds ever respect rules. We’re living in a den of retards. And you’re contributing to the problem if you don’t push yourself to go past the status quo and arrive at your own conclusions. This isn’t just about the people who’ve succeeded by being their own unique selves, they already know who they are, what they’ve contributed, and how they’ve impacted the planet. This is about all of the others out there, every person on the planet, who is convinced that they can’t make a difference and instead personifies a dreaded cliche’.

Kill all fans! Kill all robots! Kill all cliche’s! Kill all followers! Murder the entire lot and burn them alive. And in their place may there be erected some semblance of holistic reality. Reality that includes unfavorable unpopular science, such as evidenced paranormal phenomena as a daily part of life, that respects nature as a basis for human life and animals as an extension of human intelligence.

You have to find your own ‘thing’. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, shouldn’t be based on how ‘successful’ it will be. The greatest figures of history weren’t concerned with societal success, they were concerned with progress. Every person on this earth knows something that every other person doesn’t. The fallacy with modern society is that echelons of power have been implemented as a way of life, where those on the lowest spectrum are expected to bow to those at the highest, and those at the highest are expected to be jackasses. It’s a society of boots and ants, ants that build the buildings for boots to walk on, who then get crushed and stomped on by those same boots. Well what if some boots rebelled, and a few ants rebelled, what would happen? Probably, a higher form of communication.

How can leaders of the planet do anything meaningful for the planet if they’re not in tune to what the majority of their planet faces in their daily lives? It’s bullshit to think that we’re all equal, we’re not. We have different abilities, different talents, different skills, different strengths, different weaknesses, and different agendas. Evaluating the human populace as a strata, as a set of figures on a chart, or as a series of statistics, is blindness. And humans who allow themselves to just be little blips on a document assessing human production as if it were void of all substance and humanity is disgusting.

Human beings have an inherent right to be individuals. They were designed to be originals.

Not copies, not cliche’s, not stereotypes, nor archetypes. They were meant to be completely unique, every one of them.

Fucking get angry. Get outraged. Get some fucking balls. Speak the truth. Knock down walls.

Get honest about what you love and what you hate.

Speak up to your oh-so-terrific leaders about your real problems. How will those who are in the position to really do something amazing be able to do anything amazing if they don’t know what’s actually going on? What are you insects so afraid of? That the overlords will get upset? The overlords are laughing at all of you, don’t you understand that yet? The overlords will listen to you if you’re accurate about issues that need fixing and explain matters in a clear, concise, firm manner.

There’s a lot on this planet that I hate. A Lot. I am very proud of my hatred. I am very proud of my ability to judge what is correct and what is not. It means that when I’m vibrating on the opposite spectrum, it’s actualized to perfection.

I hate fake smiles. I hate people that lie. I hate people that submit and conform. I hate outdated rules that don’t do any good for anyone. I hate corrupted academic institutions. I hate uneducated leaders. I hate idiocy. I hate ignorance. I hate how in a society which has the most information available for free than ever before, most people still rely on their general news network to know what’s going on in the world.

I hate this screwed-up, error-filled, fake-as-fuck society and most of the people in it.

Some idiots in this world haven’t seen enough of the planet to know anything about change.

I’ve known it first-hand. In people. In government. In myself. In life as a whole.

I’m loyal to creeds and oaths that are made and practiced by those few of us who are serious about pushing the planet into a more beautiful dawn.

We’re out there but you don’t know who we are, even though you live on a planet where what

we change affects all of your lives.

The rest of you ignorant dumbfucks I hate.

Yes that’s profanity and yes I have every right to swear like a sailor.

So for fuck’s sake, change, you stupid as fucking fuck-hole of a world,

and all of you generic runoffs.

Fucking, change,                                                                                                                 you dipshit leaders up on your pedestals drinking kool-aid! Talk to the people that you purport to represent!                                                                     Find out what’s actually happening in the lives of all of those that you consider so ‘beneath’ you!

I’ll hate this planet until it changes.

My hate is temporary.

My belief is permanent.


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